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We have expertise in many Jamstack platforms and methodologies and can help you obtain the best possible SEO, speed, and conversions. Get flawless Google Lighthouse scores and breeze past your competition.

Q: What is a Jamstack site?


Instead of processing content every time a user visits your site, Jamstack sites deliver pre rendered and pre optimized content.

A comparison between a jamstack and traditional website/application

The Benefits of Jamstack Sites

Higher Conversions & Sales
Studies by Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Akamai have shown every second of load time decreases sales by 2%.
Better SEO
Starting in early 2021, Google will be using a new ranking algorithm that takes a few different speed metrics into account. Due to their sheer speed, Jamstack sites get better SEO out of the box.
Better security
Jamstack sites have decoupled backends. Which means the frontend has less surface area for attacks to even take place.
Virtually no downtime
Traffic surges are handled naturally and gracefully by high performance CDNs. No expensive load balancers or advanced server skills required.
Lower costs
No costly servers to manage and far less maintenance. We have lowered server costs from over $5,000 a month all the way down to $5 a month.
Visual Editing
We have a no-code visual editor available upon request. No need to know how to code to make design updates to your PWA’s page templates.
Due to the nature of our business often being on the front-lines improving other peoples businesses, very often we sign non-disclosure agreements.  Because of this, we aren’t at liberty to be very specific about specific results for specific clients.

In much the same way, we won’t share your big wins in detail,  we cannot (and will not) share  big wins of our other clients.

We can however, share with you testimonials from actual living breathing professional humans who we’ve worked with on some truly excellent projects.
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Alex Hamilton
Group Manager
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"We needed fresh eyes to solve a few challenging problems. SmarterLabs_ provided us with IDEAL creative solutions, delivered MUCH FASTER than we anticipated. We can't wait to work with them on the next project!"
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Christian Costa
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"The team at SmarterLabs_ has immense ecommerce experience. They're easy to work with, excellent communicators, and they bring fresh, new perspectives to the table that help challenge the status quo and what we think is possible."
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As ecommerce experts, scientists, doers, and thinkers at heart, we love hearing new questions/challenges and finding innovative ways to solve your problems.
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What if I have a larger site?
We have experience building large Jamstack websites, handling websites as large as 6000 pages. Some of the static site generators we use support incremental building, so only the pages that were changed get processed during build time.
Can I keep my existing CMS and platforms?
More than likely, yes. Any service that has has an API, we can integrate with. Some static site generators we support have extensive plugin ecosystems that can be used to integrate thousands of services.
What if I have content on my site that needs to be rapidly updated?
We use live data polling for sites that need to have lightning fast updates. This gives us the ability to do a hybrid static-first approach to keep dynamic content updated instantly the moment it's changed.