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Edge SEO
Edge SEO is a method of fixing technical SEO problems without needing to make alterations to the underlying technology of the website. This makes it so any website owner can boost their SEO score, even if the platform they are on doesn't support it.

Supported Platforms

and most other website platforms

The Capabilities of Edge SEO

‣ Writing high-performing image alt attributes with AI
‣ Writing high-performing page titles with AI
‣ Writing high-performing meta descriptions with AI
‣ Compressing images
‣ Lazy loading images
‣ Serving next-gen image formats (like webp)
‣ Adding hreflang tags
‣ Fixing minor security issues
‣ Fixing Google Lighthouse audit issues
‣ Unblocking Google Analytics
‣ Altering, adding, or removing any tags or content on the page
...and almost any other transformation upon request
Due to the nature of our business often being on the front-lines improving other peoples businesses, very often we sign non-disclosure agreements.  Because of this, we aren’t at liberty to be very specific about specific results for specific clients.

In much the same way, we won’t share your big wins in detail,  we cannot (and will not) share  big wins of our other clients.

We can however, share with you testimonials from actual living breathing professional humans who we’ve worked with on some truly excellent projects.
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Alex Hamilton
Group Manager
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"We needed fresh eyes to solve a few challenging problems. SmarterLabs_ provided us with IDEAL creative solutions, delivered MUCH FASTER than we anticipated. We can't wait to work with them on the next project!"
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Christian Costa
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"The team at SmarterLabs_ has immense ecommerce experience. They're easy to work with, excellent communicators, and they bring fresh, new perspectives to the table that help challenge the status quo and what we think is possible."
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As ecommerce experts, scientists, doers, and thinkers at heart, we love hearing new questions/challenges and finding innovative ways to solve your problems.
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How does it work?
Every time your website changes, we pass the source code through a number of powerful optimizations that boost performance and SEO. We then use Cloudflare Workers to send the optimized source to your users.
Will it slow down my website?
In most cases, it will speed up your website. We inject the optimized code straight into Cloudflare's website cache before the end users request pages. This ensures our AI can take all the time it needs to make sure it's making the best optimizations possible and your users aren't kept waiting.
How much does it cost?
Pricing can vary depending on which features you need, and how much traffic your site gets. Reach out to us with your website's details and we can send you a quick quote (sentence links to contact form).