UX & Code Audits
What & Why
A UX (User Experience) audit focuses primarily on usability, information architecture, visual design, messaging, and content as well as how much friction exists in the funnel towards conversion. The more friction, the less likely your website guests will convert like you want them to. The UX audit also considers responsive design and checks usability and consistancy of experience across devices from a small mobile phone screen navigated with a finger to a large desktop monitor using a mouse.

A code audit focuses on the structure of the site, and how that structure has been built. Loading speed, usability, and accessibility are major components of Google’s page rank algorithm. Some suggestions in the code audit may be impossible due to technical limitations of how your specific site is currently built, so some of these should just be considered as ideal scenario suggestions.

A UX & Code audit considers not only the above concerns, but also how the site structure and code might potentially create fraction, issues, and bugs in the users experience.
It’s always a good idea to get a outside perspective. Your team could be missing crucial UX flaws because you’re too close to your product, or because of the bias of being a creator. Maybe members of your team who originally designed the site moved on, or have been let go leading to knowledge gaps. Some issues might be baked in from the site since before launch, others may have been created during an update. All of these potential causes can lead to increased friction in your consumer reaching your goals and converting.

Depending on your goals a conversion might be a sale, collecting an email address through a form, or generating leads for a local dealer. The most important thing to you might be to educate and inform, or to lead the guest to a purchase decision. A UX & code audit is the first step in discovering all potential issues in your funnel and beginning to smooth out any friction points in your consumers journey ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.
During a SmarterLabs_ UX & Code Audit the entire user experience and site code will be walked through, tip to tail several times in order to find any uneccessary points of friction, as well as places where your brand, or services may not be portrayed in a way you or your customers would appreciate.Extensive and specific notes are made and Screen shots are recorded. The compiled report will clearly communicate issues and recommendations similar to the image on this page.We will be sure to keep in mind the expertise and experience of your internal team and communicate with them as needed (and as much as you want) to make sure the targeted issues can be resolved.