Make anything possible

A playful solution to a shrinking market, and outdated position.


Competitive Analysis and Positioning
Creative Direction
UX Design
Site Development


Marion Rose: Design
Randy Land: Photography
Julie Hope: Photography
Jason Gray: Web Development
Kyle Redmond: Creative Direction

The Challenge
Woodplay, a high-end redwood playset brand was losing marketshare to up and coming competitors due to having an outdated identity, and luxury price-point. It needed a refresh and updated positioning to increase relevance and perception of the brand.
The Solution
After extensive market and competitive research a brand positioning statement was developed and built around it. The brand developed centered on a child's imagination and what they could create in their mind being active on a playset. The key with the execution of this direction was the perspective of the parent. We had to keep in mind that the child is not making the purchase decision. The parent is. The brand developed deeply connects to what a parent or grandparent wants their favorite little people to experience. A website was then designed and developed to be easy to use and shop, and to act as a reference to purchase a playset as frictionless as possible.
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