STIGA Packaging

Table Tennis, not Ping-Pong.

Strong retail packaging with a fresh look to compete at sporting goods and mass merchant locations.


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Competitive Analysis and Positioning
Creative Direction
Packaging Design


Julie Hope: Design
Brandon Groves: Design
Kyle Redmond: Creative Direction

The Challenge
STIGA is considered the #1 brand worldwide in Table Tennis. Table Tennis (not ping-pong) is considered a very serious sport internationally, but inside the USA it is a more casual activity. The packaging design also need to sell in and through in Sporting Goods stores nationwide.
The Solution
In order to pay homage to STIGA's competitive roots and presense throughout the world, we had to develop a packaging solution and identity that leaned into that. The solution also needed to be approachable and fun, nodding to the past-time aspect of Table Tennis (again, not ping-pong) in the USA.
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