Fox & Flock

There is a fox in the ballroom!

"Stylish, simple and well designed chess-like strategy game... a must-buy."

-Couch Gaming


EDG Awards 2016
- Gold


Custom game engine
Game design
Voice acting


Kennedy Rose: Art, Script, and Development
Marion Rose: Graphic Design
Dick Terhune: Voice Acting
Scott Wambach: Audio Mastering

The Challenge
To build a top-selling mobile strategy game from scratch.
The Solution
Fox & Flock was developed by our sister company, Smarter Games and published by Flying Interactive. The game is a modified version of an old board game called Fox and Sheep. It is an asymmetrical game where one player controls one or two Foxes, and the other player controls a large flock. The flock's goal is to get to the exit at the bottom of the board, while the fox's goal is to consume the entire flock. The game guides the player through a story to find the true purpose of some ghastly murders at a dinner party.
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“Stylish, simple and well designed chess-like strategy game... a must-buy.”
Couch Gaming