Field Notes Podcast

Walk among legends

A premiere podcast hunting experience with the father of modern bowhunting. Fred Bear’s Field Notes is a biweekly podcast based on the “The Adventures of Fred Bear,” written by Fred Bear himself, detailing 15 of his extraordinary hunts all over the world.


2019 Webby Awards
- Honoree 2019

District 6 AAF Awards
- Silver 2019

AAF Awards
- Gold
- Best In Show




Isaac Alling: Sound Mixing / Editing / Composing
Samantha Marksberry: Design
Kyle Redmond: Direction / Production / Sourcing / SoundFX / Copywriting

The Challenge
Bear Archery has a rich hunting history dating back to the "Father of Modern Bowhunting" himself, Fred Bear, the company's founder. During his life Fred Bear built the brand and also went on many incredible hunts that were recorded and featured on TV in the 50s and 60s. He kept diligent notes on his hunts and eventually with the help of his wife, published a book detailing everything, from each failed shot, to how much flour was brought on the expedition. This content was rich for a new format that had potential to reach a new audience.
The Solution
The early days of the development of the Fred Bear's Field Notes podcast involved sourcing the right voiceover talent and creating an iconic score that would represent the brand, and the experience of being in the wilde with Fred Bear. After settling on voice over talent the reads were created, followed by timing, scripting, and production of secondary sound effects to create a more immersive experience. The podcast was then published along with brand social support eventually winning several national awards including a Webby Honoree.
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