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Site Design

UX Design

CMS Implementation

Site Development

Shopify Integration


Kennedy Rose: Web Development

Kyle Redmond: Strategy, UX and Site Design

The Challenge
Elite Archery was running a slow, arguably outdated, and uneditable, hardcoded Shopify site. The client wanted to get more into Direct to Consumer E-commerce without alienating their current dealer base. The existing site had 4 individual product pages for each model of Bow, as well as a convoluted and confusing path to purchase. They wanted to be able to edit the site easily and effectively without the help of a developer, and create landing pages, or promotional messaging on the fly.
The Solution
Once we understood the challenges the current site was having we got to work designing a new branded user-experience and began decoupling the front end of the site from Shopify. We built a UX prototype to walk through the path to purchase we designed, and tested against what we believed the user would expect and want in the process. That process included an early stage lead generation step that collected emails and zip-codes to generate a retargeting lead list for the dealers in those areas. We hooked in a CMS (content management system) that allowed us to majorly increase site speed and allowed the brand owners and marketing teams to update anything and everything on the site. Ultimately we were able to provide a site load time faster than any competitors, improve the path to purchase increasing conversions and average sales Dollars, while also enabling the Marketing team to adjust messaging and product info as needed.
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"The team at SmarterLabs_ are easy to work with, excellent communicators, and that they bring fresh, new perspectives to the table that help challenge the status quo and what we think is possible."
-Christian Costa, Director of Marketing, The Outdoor Group