Bear Archery :30 TV Spot

A brand positioning statement. An authentic experience.

A unifying story told over 3 timelines, in 3 locations.


2018 EDG Awards
- Judge's Choice
- Gold


Art Direction
Branding & Identity
Brand Activation
Brand Strategy
Print & Web Design


Isaac Alling: Composing
Phillip Seitz: Videography / Editing
Kyle Redmond: Copywriting / Direction / Production / Sourcing

The Challenge
Bear Archery needed an updated and clear positioning statement after several years of differing and inconsistent directions. A :30 second TV spot needed to be developed to convey what the brand now was. There was no money in the budget for a commercial shoot so a brand story needed to be built from existing footage in a short amount of time.
The Solution
After a concrete brand position was agreed upon work on writing the spot based on that position began. After several iterations and revisions the script was buttoned up and a custom track was produced to convery the emotion of the brand. During that time, video was scrubbed through identifying 3 unique timelines and locations to feature. The resulting spot tells 3 storys of success and clearly explains what Bear Archery is about in a short :30 seconds.
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