Our Philosophy.
We're doers first and foremost, but also like to think of ourselves as helpers as well. We tell our clients that their comfort and confidence in what we are buliding is our #1 priority, and we mean it. We pledge to always be kind, courteous and respectful to your developers. We actually look forward to working with them. After all, we’re on the same team sharing the same goal, improving your site’s chance for success. We also believe several other things:
Social Responsibility
We value and respect other cultures and beliefs. We are equal opportunity and believe in independence of beliefs for all.

Stay cool, honey bunny
Times can get tough, and work loads can get stressful. We always remember that life is good, and it's quick. We’re going to enjoy the ride.

Fiscal Responsibility
We consider everyone's pocketbook, so we will never price gouge, take advantage of clients in need, or fluff rates.We won't try to upsell people on anything they don't need. We won't take advantage of a client’s lack of specific knowledge. Honesty is the best policy, which is why it’s our policy.
Leave your ego at the door
We don't do it. We show everyone kindness and respect at all times, especially the times we feel someone is not giving it to us. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, why not?

We win awards. So do you.
We believe awards represent the advancement and progression of ideas. So, we want to win all of them. They’re cool, we’re proud of them and they help validate the work we do. But, our true wins come when our clients connect with consumers, build their brands and drive growth in their business. Every award we win is a true reflection of the clients we are fortunate to work with.
- We write code for people, not computers
- We measure twice and cut once
- We value wisdom over knowledge
- We don't mind taking "no" for an answer
- We mind our manners