SIK Broadheads

Take it to heart.

We’re building best-in-class lightweight & injectable responsive D2C Ecomm solutions that convert sales so you can focus on your brand, customer acquisition, and content.


  • Branding
  • Competitive Analysis and Positioning
  • Web Development
  • UX Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Sourcing


  • Julie Hope: Design
  • Randy Land: Photography
  • David Arthur: Photography
  • Kennedy Rose: Web Development
  • Kyle Redmond: Creative Direction

the challenge

When tasked with developing a brand from nothing you also start with nothing. Clean slate. That's where we excel though. Being able to study the competition, thier strengths and weaknesses, packaging and price point, you can position your brand exactly where it needs to be to succeed. You can take your weakness (having no identity) and with proper research, planning, and execution make it into your greatest strength.

the solution

Of course starting from nothing comes with it's own challenges too. SIK broadheads started as a concept. The engineering team knew what it wanted to create, and what the product features would be. We just had to build a brand around it so that it would succeed on the shelf. We started with extensive competitor and market research, plotting competitor price points and perceived quality. Doing this revealed exactly where the market was crowded and where (as a new brand) we new we would want to avoid to get the most traction. We then developed a brand to fit perfectly into the broadhead market, with a modern sharp almost nordic appearance. Warm blood, cold steel, and bone became the foundation and inspiration for patterns, and color pallets. The logo icon would be interchangable depending on the product the consumer most identifyed with and preferred, but would still remain very identifiable as a SIK brand product. Packaging would be totally differentaited from the rest of the marketplace, and would be sourced local to the factory producing the product at a comparable cost to the clamshells most competitor brands were using, and would be a significantly better experience to open.

Other Work